Ontario-born Karen Potje’s childhood disdain for country music was turned upside down when she moved to Texas as a young woman. With hurtin’ songs, Western swing, and Honky Tonk filling the airwaves, she couldn’t help loving the stuff and writing her own.   A  move to Montreal a few years later took her music in a new, personal direction blending country, roots, jazz and blues.  Heart on her sleeve or tongue in cheek, brooding, poignant or playful, Karen’s lyrics are intelligent, with razor sharp hooks anchoring gorgeous melodies.  She tells passionate stories about real people.

Karen’s first cd, ‘’Can’t Help But Love You, Baby’’, an eccentric collection of children’s songs, won awards and accolades for unsurpassed song-writing. She brings the same wit and craftsmanship to a grown-up audience with her new release, ‘’Somebody I Used to Be’’. 

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